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Kireeti Finsoft:

Introducing Finsoft, a software solution renowned for its blend of simplicity and sophistication. This versatile tool revolutionizes the landscape of report preparation, significantly reducing time requirements while elevating the quality and precision of information. With a rich array of features such as Borrowers Outstanding Statement, Cheques Diary, Interest Break-up Report, Deposits Average Interest, Receipts Generation, and more, what used to be complex tasks now require just a few keystrokes. This streamlined approach not only optimizes manpower utilization but also establishes a sterling reputation for precision and excellence among our esteemed clientele.

Finsoft proudly emerges from the creators of CHITCARE, India's foremost Chitcare Management software. CHITCARE has garnered unwavering trust and loyalty from numerous Chitcare companies, including esteemed entities like Sree Pujitha, Suman, Vijayabhargavi, GPR, Chalapathi, Janapriya, and many others across Andhra Pradesh. With Kireeti Soft's unwavering commitment to quality and comprehensive support, you can rest assured of nothing less than excellence, solidifying Finsoft's position as the premier choice in its category. View More...

Inventory Management Module:

Our system begins its journey at the point when stocks arrive in our stores. It efficiently tracks the status of various branches and stock points, providing real-time insights into inventory management. This system offers the flexibility to generate a wide range of reports tailored to the specific needs of users, which can then be conveniently printed.

At the heart of our expertise lies the development of web-based applications focused on inventory and e-commerce solutions. These applications encompass essential modules, including purchasing and stores management. In the purchase module, we facilitate direct product acquisition from vendors, often referred to as the point of sale.

Key Features of Our Inventory Management System:

  • Point of Sale: Streamlined and efficient sales transactions, ensuring a seamless point-of-sale experience.
  • Purchase Order: This module allows for the creation of purchase orders, which can be based on indents or quotations from vendors, streamlining the procurement process.
  • Purchase Invoice: Generate purchase invoices with ease, providing clarity in financial transactions.
  • Sale Invoice: Effortlessly create sale invoices, simplifying the sales process.
  • Delivery Challan: Manage delivery challans efficiently, ensuring accurate order fulfilment and tracking.
  • Sale Returns: Seamlessly handle sale returns and related processes, maintaining comprehensive records.
  • Point-to-Point Transfers: Facilitate transfers between different points efficiently and accurately, optimizing inventory distribution.
  • Robust Reporting: Generate various reports, delivering crucial insights into inventory management, sales, and financial performance.


Kireeti Software stands as a recognized authority in various facets of E-Commerce Transactions. Our team comprises seasoned and highly qualified professionals committed to delivering exceptional solutions to our esteemed clients with remarkable ease. This unwavering dedication leads to the efficient utilization of manpower, heightened accuracy of information, and fosters a positive image among our clients' customers.

Our extensive expertise plays a pivotal role in helping our clients enhance solution quality, expedite development and deployment processes, ultimately resulting in robust, high-quality solutions that drive substantial business improvements.

Kireeti Software has thoughtfully curated a suite of ready-to-use components tailored to streamline E-Commerce Portal Development, significantly reducing timeframes and ensuring efficiency in online business endeavours. In the meticulous design of E-Commerce Solutions, we place paramount importance on critical factors such as Security, Speed, Database Management, Data Integrity, Screen Design, Process Flow, and User-Friendly Interface, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for both businesses and customers alike.

Kireeti Care Software :

Our Hospital Management System (HMS) is designed to streamline and optimize hospital operations, elevating administrative control and enhancing overall profitability. This comprehensive system effectively manages a wide range of functions, including medical, financial, and administrative processes, while also securely maintaining health informatics.

What sets our HMS apart is its high level of customization. We understand that healthcare centers have unique requirements, and our team of technology specialists’ tailors the system to precisely meet these specific needs. This ensures that the HMS is not just a solution but a finely tuned tool designed to serve its exact purpose within the healthcare environment.View More...


Introducing Retail Pharma Soft, an innovative software solution meticulously crafted for the exclusive use of retail pharmacy stores. With its intuitive user interface and cutting-edge features, this software simplifies the management of retail pharmacy operations. Whether your needs involve generating invoices, efficiently tracking your inventory, or maintaining a keen eye on your financials, Retail Pharma Soft provides comprehensive solutions. Explore its rich set of features for more in-depth information. View More...

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