Can Permissions be Customized to Required Levels?
Absolutely, you have full control over permissions and can assign them as needed.
Is there any chance of data loss?
No need to worry. We use dedicated servers with automatic database backups, ensuring zero data loss.
Data Migration from Previous Software?
We've got you covered. Our predefined tools and expert guidance make data migration seamless.
If we use collection terminals. Do we need to enter receipts again?
No double entry needed. Import directly from the device, and it's tamper-proof.
Is there any option for sending promotional SMS to customers?
Yes, you can also send SMS for your customers on birthdays and various occasions as per your wish.
Do you provide Training?
Certainly, we offer comprehensive training tailored to your needs and continuous call support.
Is an accounting module included in Chitcare?
Yes, Chitcare includes a built-in Financial Accounting Module, providing real-time financial reports and analysis.

Make a smooth transition to Chitcare and experience enhanced efficiency and security for your chit fund operations.