CHITCARE: Features

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Chitcare Software Features

CHITCARE is so simple and easy to understand. Any person having Typing Knowledge and some Accounts Knowledge can master this software within NOTIME. The software is very user friendly and very powerful.

  • Easy to Use
  • Subscriber Enquiry
  • Guarantors Enquiry
  • Town-wise / Zone-wise Outstanding Analysis
  • Intimation Generation
  • On-line Financial Accounting
  • On-Line Help
  • In Use By Many Companies
  • Security
  • Backed By Kireeti Expertise

Easy to Use:

CHITCARE is so simple and easy to understand. It is not at all necessary to be computer literate. A person having Typing Knowledge and some Accounts Knowledge can master this ware within No time. The ware is made more flexible with the provision to use mouse.

Subscriber Enquiry:

With a couple of clicks, complete information about any subscriber including Due Status, Self Chits information, Agent and Guarantors’ details etc. can be obtained in no time. That means the complete details can be given to the customer even while talking on phone.

Guarantors Enquiry:

Just with a couple of clicks, CHITCARE shows Self-Chits of the Guarantor in one window and the list of Subscribers to whom the same Guarantor has signed as Guarantor including financial details in the other window.

Town-wise / Zone-wise Outstanding Analysis:

To improve collections at a faster rate, CHITCARE is provided with a set of exhaustive Outstanding Analysis Reports like Town-wise, Zone-wise, Collection boy-wise, Group-wise, Agent-wise Outstanding Statements. These will be very much useful in improving collections and in increasing efficiency of the collection staff.

Intimation Generation:

CHITCARE helps in generating Intimation Cards automatically. Apart from Intimation Cards, all Subscriber Documents including Receipt, Notice, NPS Removal Letter etc., can be generated, which helps in providing clarity to Subscriber and in turn enhances the image of the Organization.

On-line Financial Accounting:

CHITCARE comes with built-in Financial Accounting module, which provides On-line Financial Accounting Reports and Analysis Reports. With this, generation of Cash & Bank Books, General Ledger, Petty Cash Handling, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet and so on becomes easier. Within minutes, Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) for any selected bank with full details can also be generated.

On-Line Help:

CHITCARE is provided with intuitive on-line help so that at the press of a key, required help can be obtained which makes the work very user friendly.


CHITCARE comes with powerful zooming facility in almost all reports. From Outstanding Reports, one can zoom into the receipts list of any subscriber and subsequently into the receipts itself.

In Use by Many Companies:

CHITCARE is being used by all most all leading and reputed Companies in India like Manappuram Chits, Balussery Chits, Bhimashankar Chits, Associated Chits, Deal Well Chits, Neeladri Chits, Happy Returns Chits, Chalapathi Chits and many more. Its wide acceptance has helped it bag the "Business Media Annual Award 97"


Access to Chitcare is restricted by passwords. Besides sensitive information can be viewed, printed or charged only by using a special password

Backed By Expertise:

CHITCARE comes to you from, a pioneer in developing and marketing premium quality software. Chitcare is backed by soft's comprehensive support and hands- on training

Difference between Chitcare ERP and SAAS

Chitcare ERP and Chitcare SaaS are two different software solutions designed to manage and streamline chit fund operations, particularly in the financial services industry. Here are the key differences between the two:

Deployment Model:

Chitcare ERP: Chitcare ERP typically refers to an on-premises or self-hosted software solution. This means that the software is installed and maintained on the client's own servers or infrastructure.
Chitcare SaaS: Chitcare SaaS, on the other hand, is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. It is hosted and managed on the service provider's servers, and clients access it through a web browser over the internet.


Chitcare ERP: Chitcare ERP may require clients to have their own IT infrastructure and personnel to manage and maintain the software. It can be accessed from within the client's network.
Chitcare SaaS: Chitcare SaaS is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Clients do not need to worry about server maintenance, as it is managed by the SaaS provider. This makes it more convenient for remote access and scalability.


Chitcare ERP: Chitcare ERP often requires a higher upfront investment as clients need to purchase and set up their own servers, hardware, and software licenses. Ongoing maintenance and support costs can also add up.
Chitcare SaaS: Chitcare SaaS typically follows a subscription-based pricing model, where clients pay a recurring fee for using the software. This can be more cost-effective for smaller businesses that may not have a large IT budget.

Maintenance and Updates:

Chitcare ERP: Clients are responsible for maintaining and updating their ERP system, which can be time-consuming and require technical expertise.
Chitcare SaaS: SaaS providers handle maintenance, updates, and security, ensuring that clients always have access to the latest features and security patches.


Chitcare ERP: On-premises ERP solutions can be customized to a greater extent to meet the specific needs of the client, but this often requires additional development work and costs.
Chitcare SaaS: SaaS solutions may offer some level of customization, but it is typically more limited compared to on-premises solutions. SaaS solutions are designed to be more standardized.


Chitcare ERP: Scalability in ERP solutions may require additional investment in hardware and infrastructure to support a growing user base.
Chitcare SaaS: SaaS solutions are generally more scalable as they can easily accommodate a growing number of users without major infrastructure changes.

In summary, the main difference between Chitcare ERP and Chitcare SaaS is the deployment model, cost structure, and maintenance responsibility. Chitcare ERP is installed on the client's premises, while Chitcare SaaS is a cloud-based service provided by a third party. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs, budget, and IT capabilities of the organization.

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